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Beville Heritage

700 Years of the Beville Family (Second Edition) Asselia Lichliter

In honor of Frank H. Pierce III, who meticulously edited Asselia Lichliter's colorfully-written landmark historical genealogy, 700 Years of the Beville Family, enhancing this exciting history with original source images, maps, and photographs, his family is once again publishing this family treasure.

In 700 Years of the Beville Family, the original author, Asselia S. Lichliter, brings her paternal ancestor, Essex Beville, his ancestors and descendents, to life, tracing their marriages, their children, and their history in Huntingdonshire England and Colonial Virginia over a period of 700 years.

Almost all of the Bevilles in this country have been or could be traced back to Essex and Amy Beville who settled in Virginia in the 17th century. Therefore, they are also descendants of the Beville family of Huntingdonshire and the families related to them by marriage. For this reason, the lives of those who went before, as described in this book, should be of special interest to their descendants.

To inquire about ordering this wonderful keepsake publication about the Beville family history in England and America (in hardcover, softcover (coming soon), or ebook (also coming soon) formats), please contact  Heritage Books .

Pioneering in America with the Beville Family: The Continuing Story, Vol. II Asselia Lichliter

In honor of Frank H. Pierce III, who painstakingly edited Asselia S. Lichliter’s Pioneering in America with the Beville Family (Volume II in the Beville family series), his family is once again publishing the dramatic story of the Bevilles in the United States -- from our country’s early history until the present time.

Pioneering in America with the Beville Family brings together under one cover the genealogies of many of the separate lines of the Beville family, provides source data to those who wish to explore further their own lineage, and as a synergistic side-effect, introduces Beville family members (often for the first time) to each other. Family anecdotes and photographs lend the book a personal flavor, in addition to the pages of names and dates of marriages and births. Letters, at once courageous and poignant, written by Beville ancestors during their times of greatest despair, provide us with rare, first-hand accounts of what it was like to have lived through some of our Nation’s most perilous hours. Frank Pierce, in his second rendition of Asselia S. Lichliter’s singular family epic, has added new information about Beville family lines, gathered in consultation with Beville family members unknown to the author (or many times to other Bevilles) at the time of the first writing. Pioneering in America with the Beville Family is an emotionally-charged portrait of a family -- its tragedies, triumphs, and unwavering resilience rendered against a backdrop of American history.
To inquire about ordering Volume II of the Beville family history, Pioneering in America with the Beville Family (in hardcover, softcover (coming soon), or ebook format (also coming soon) formats), please contact  Heritage Books .

Update Beville Family DNA: June 21, 2015

Beville family DNA lives on in Beville descendants as shown in this article published by the Southern California Genealogical Society this month: "Autosomal DNA Results Tests Hundreds of Years of Genealogy Records in a Proof of Ancestry," by Marie Rundquist. Southern California Genealogical Society, Summer Vol. 52, Issue # 3 (  Rundquist references Pioneering in America with the Beville Family, “Appendix C, “Descendants of Claiborne Beville and Susannah Daly Beville of Georgia," autosomal and X chromosome DNA, to investigate two, genetic proofs of ancestry. 

The inspiration for the article was an email received from a Beville cousin inquiring about a DNA match! Asselia Lichliter would have been amazed and proud to see how hundreds of years of her carefully-researched, Beville genealogy stands up to the most scientifically advanced, autosomal DNA testing available in the world of genetic genealogy!