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DNA Portfolio

  1. Acadian Amerindian Ancestry DNA Project
    Established in 2006, The Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Project builds upon the historic surnames and the DNA of our Acadian and Amerindian ancestors of 17th-century Acadia and later diaspora regions, and adds a new dimension: Family.
  2. Haplogroup C-P39 Y DNA Project
    Haplogroup C-P39 is defined by the SNP P39. This mutation is believed to have occurred at least 15,000 years ago. C-P39 is found in the Americas. SNPs that are characteristic of this project include, thus far, the C- P39, C-Z38940, C-Z30747, C-Z30765, C-Z30750, C-Z30754, BY18405, and C-BY22870.
  3. Haplogroup A2 mtDNA Project
    The modern geography of haplogroup A2 and its subclades are virtually restricted to the Americas. According to Behar et al. 2012, A2 is between 13,750 and 18,000 years old. This project was formed to study and better understand mitochondrial haplogroup A2.
  4. American Indian DNA Project
    Native American DNA Sequence tests are available for both males and females. Y Chromosome DNA tests (only for men) may reveal Native ancestry through a patrilinial (father to father line of descent); mtDNA tests (for men and women) may reveal Native ancestry through a matrilinial (mother to mother) line of descent.
  5. Haplogroup X2b4 mtDNA Project
    Haplogroup X2b4 is characterized by several distinctive mutations: For X: T6221C, C6371T, A13966G, T14470C, T16189C!, C16278T!; for X2: T195C!, G1719A; for X2b: C8393T, G15927A; and for X2b4: G3705A. To determine if you belong to the X2b4 mtDNA haplogroup, you will need to have the mtDNA full mitochondrial sequence test.
  6. Haplogroup A mtDNA Project
    Both males and females who carry mitochondrial (mtDNA) haplogroup A and A subclades are welcome to join. MtDNA is inherited from the mother's mother's mother's direct maternal line. Mothers pass mtDNA to their offspring; fathers cannot pass mtDNA to their offspring.
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  1. "Finding Anne Marie"
    The historic discovery of an Acadian Native grandmother through an mtDNA test result.
  2. "À la recherche d’Anne-Marie"
    À la recherche d’Anne-Marie : l’histoire cachée de nos ancêtres acadiens.
  3. "C3b Y Chromosome DNA Test Results Point to Native American Deep Ancestry"
    "C3b Y Chromosome DNA Test Results Point to Native American Deep Ancestry, Relatedness, among United States and Canadian Study Participants"